There was the photo booth - fun, but what about the group shots?


Came the photo lounge - more fun, but what about the people that never left the dance floor?


MOX SHOTS is here!

Our cutting-edge technology makes sure that you get ALL the shots. Even better? You can get them instantly at the event. Wanna know how it works?

The Scoop: 

  We create a custom hashtag for your event #yourawesomeevent 
  Guests use their own smart phones anywhere at the event to snap pics with Instagram and tag them. 
  The photos instantly are added to the live slide show on a screen at the event
  You get a drive with all the photos, and we create a custom gallery page so your guests can get them too!
  Kick it up a notch and add onsite printing, step-and-repeat and/or a photo lounge with killer props. 

MOX Shots Basic includes:

1) Custom hashtag 
2) Flatscreen slide show of all photos at the event
3) photos added instantly
4) custom facebook page with ALL the photos so guests can download
5) USB drive with ALL photos
6) On-site staff- up to 4 hoursMOX Shots Basic: $995 for 4 hours

  Printing Station = $350
  Photo Lounge with backdrop, props, printing station = $650
  Step-and-Repeat = $695
  Dance Floor Goodies: favors to make the candid photos even better (upon request). 
  Costumed Characters: crazy surprise entertainers to take pics with your guests
($250/hour minimum - based on entertainer choice)

  Extra Hour
Mox Lounge: $250 per hour
Slide Show only: $175 per hour

After the event: 
  Coffee Table: hard book with all your best shots $75.00 
  Framed Collage: 16x20 framed collage of your favorite from the event $150
• Thank you notes: Select up to 4 photos to be used to create 12 custom note cards